Monitoring of a military area

Monitoring of a military area

Military customer, Germany

Key data:

  • 32 light barrier sections with 8 light beams each
  • 32 x 2 x 8 = 512 light barrier modules
  • Military supply location with aviation connection
  • Storage of dangerous goods
  • Highest safety requirement – safety concept complies with
  • the VdS class C standard
  • Special feature: System was pre-configured, pre-assembled and delivered ready for installation
Military hangar (symbol image for customer protection reasons)

No matter if private household, medium-sized company, large concern or public institution, WARNING products are used in the most diverse areas. Over the years, our products have built up such a high level of trust with our customers that we are recommended time and again. The name WARNING is well known to connoisseurs in the military and high security sector and also to security experts in the nuclear power industry.

Just recently we received positive feedback from one of our new customers, who found our service above average and was surprised how his photoelectric switches were delivered to him.

As the installer customer is part of a military organisation, he had the opportunity to install the safety components himself. Several electronics engineers and fitters were available for this purpose, but they had never assembled a complete photoelectric sensor system before. So the customer asked us if we could deliver the system ready for installation? His team would carry out most of the installation itself, but someone from WARNING would have to be present during commissioning.

Individual WARNING light barrier modules without pillar.

Of course we can! The project manager himself called us enthusiastically when he received the custom-made long pallets from our special courier service: “The ready-to-install light barriers will save us so much work and time! I did not expect that you would deliver us ready-to-install light barriers. Thank you – this reduces the installation effort many times over!”

The light barriers were pre-assembled, pre-configured and intensively tested in-house. The fully equipped light barriers were delivered fully assembled on a special long pallet in the appropriate length. As with this order, we also offer our installation customers the assistance of our system specialists who are specially trained in perimeter monitoring.

If you would like to carry out the installation yourself, but do not feel confident to commission the system, or if you simply feel safer with a perimeter monitoring specialist, you can also request commissioning support from one of our specialists. In this case, a system specialist from our company, who was also involved in setting up your system, would support you on site during commissioning and would also answer system-specific questions, provide on-site training on the customer’s system and make recommendations for maintenance and servicing.

You too can become a satisfied WARNING customer and experience the next generation of our premium customer service.

WARNING | We protect. Far beyond the standards.

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