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Light barriers

WARNING light barriers have stood for quality and safety at the highest level since 1965. No matter whether you want to secure long outdoor routes, count passing vehicles or activate a barrier control, our light barriers are suitable for almost any application, both indoors and outdoors.
Our light barrier portfolio includes:

  • Active infrared light barriers
  • Semi-active infrared scanners
  • Active microwave and Doppler systems
  • Dual technologies for high security areas

Motion detectors

Our outdoor motion detectors are reliable extension components for your security concept. The motion detectors used are state-of-the-art and combine infrared and microwave Doppler technology with a reliable algorithm for outdoor use. Through our close contact with our suppliers, we can react quickly to necessary changes caused by the latest threats.
Our motion detector types:

  • Passive infrared detectors (PIR)
  • Dual technology motion detector (PIR + microwave Doppler)
  • Laser scanner

Fence monitoring

Feel even safer now and detect the burglar before he has even entered your property. With our intelligent fence detector SenseTec and SenseTec RS you can efficiently monitor fences that are miles long. The inconspicuous devices can be mounted on almost any surface and, by linking all detectors together, form a three-dimensional, vibration and position-sensitive protective barrier that immediately detects any attempted break-in. The detectors are equipped with the latest 3D-MEMS technology and detect vibrations, knocks and movements in any direction.

Curtain monitoring

You only want to secure certain areas such as windows or doors? Then we have just the right product for you. Our curtain surveillance detectors are inconspicuous security components that can be attached to the outer facade or even to the inner reveal in order to monitor defined sections of a building skin. High-quality office complexes in particular enjoy the narrow strips, which preserve the design of a building while ensuring a high level of security.

Video analysis

Our advanced video analysis systems enable rapid localization of threats and thus protect people and property. In the event of a burglary or vandalism, the high-resolution and at the same time fast transmission of the burglary excitation images and parallel recording simplifies reconnaissance and documents the course of events. Through various setting options such as night vision, zone suppression or, in the case of motorised cameras, the patrol function, modern IP cameras increase the security of your system many times over.
Combined with a fence, route or trap protection in the outside area of your property, perpetrators are already detected before they can reach and destroy the protective barriers of your building (doors, windows, walls).
This is a resistance time increase according to the current state of the art!

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