Your personal safety or the safety of a high-security object – both as an end customer and as an installation partner, you and your requirements are the focus of our actions.
We protect your object from the very first moment. Therefore, our security concepts are designed to detect an intruder as early as possible and to forward the alarm to the responsible authority.
Through the integration of different detection methods we offer you a high degree of reliable monitoring, which includes and covers a multitude of risk aspects.


Through our in-house training system, our employees are trained to be honest, open and reliable. We distance ourselves from overly optimistic statements and pursue the principle of transparency. Transparency during work, transparency during planning and transparency during calculation. At WARNING, customers can always ask about the current status of their project and be sure that any questions will be answered openly and honestly.


Our security systems are designed for longevity and some of them are in use for up to 25 years – even outdoors. Since a good system also requires regular maintenance, you can be sure that we will continue to look after you even after the system has been installed.
From experience, we can speak of decades of successful partnerships that have developed over the years. Therefore many of our customers are long-standing existing customers, who rely exclusively on our solutions for perimeter security.

We are a team.

Our employees stick together and support each other in every situation, because a good cohesion between colleagues guarantees efficient work and high-quality results. Everyone pulls together and everyone is aware of their personal responsibility. We are a team of strong, diverse individuals who have joined forces with one and the same goal in order to achieve great things.

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